Established in 2006, ECFDC is an internationally operating company with headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, specialising in financial and socio-economic development for governments and non-governmental clients in countries in transition.

ECFDC is committed to providing high quality services and delivering sustainable support to public and private sector decision-makers in the development of social and economic policy, supporting policy implementation, and tracking implementation progress. To this end, ECFDC is able to assist its clients at every level of the decision-making process, enabling rational systems development and support to the implementation of financial and socio-economic policies. Our main sectors of expertise cover the following subjects:

- Macro-Economic Reform;

- Public Finance Management and Governance;

- Public Administration and Governance;

- Socio-Economic Development; 

- Education and Human Capital Development; 

- Sustainable Environmental and Natural Capital Development..

With cross-sectoral expertise in rural, environment, social, education, and health sectors, ECFDC is able to cover the key elements to sustainable development, and to support the creation of modern societies. ECFDC operates in demanding and challenging environments, in which a large number of interrelated socio-economic and financial factors co-exist and shape development outcomes.

To operate in these complex environments and to provide support in the unravelling of multi-facetted development problems, ECFDC staff and associate experts are able to demonstrate university level qualifications combined with practical skills and sector knowledge.

Together with our staff, we provide sustainable solutions and create the cornerstones for further development.